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#ThePivot S7:E7 Exceeding Our Goals with Jill Burgin and Aisha Mayne

Jill Burgin of AFC Toronto City and and Aisha Mayne of Project 8 join The Pivot to dive into women’s sport and soccer – walking us through their progress, projects, goal attainment and much more!

Leaning into their dedication to community and brand humanisation, we cover moving parts around role modelling, talent, team-building, two-way conversations, community, grassroots support and much more. Truly, raising the bar through open dialogues, dismantling misconceptions and meeting deep and visceral needs of our communities.

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Guest Bios

Jill Burgin

Jill has international business experience having worked in London, England, for Diageo head office creating a business portal for Global Brand teams and website development experience while working with the Diageo Way of Brand Building team. She has communication experience having worked with Clockwork Talk – a communications company that helps people create powerful messages that shift attitudes and spark action, with a proven ability to create an environment where risk taking is encouraged and new ideas are developed and executed.

Jill Burgin holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Toronto and an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Japanese Studies. While undertaking her undergraduate degree, she competed on 3 different varsity teams – Cross Country Skiing, Rowing and waterpolo.

Jill is an enthusiastic volunteer with North Toronto Soccer, having been a team manager for over 4 years for her daughter at the OPDL and League 1 Reserve level. As the mother of three teenage daughters who have all been involved in sport throughout their lives, Jill appreciates the role that sport can play in helping young women & girls develop confidence & leadership skills.

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Aisha Mayne (she/her)

Aisha Mayne is a serial brand builder currently on her fourth new launch with Project 8 Sports. She brings 10 years of CPG marketing and sales experience combined with her most recent start-up in the Venture Capital sector. Aisha has marketed brands of all life stages across food and beverage, renewable energy, smart home technology and financial services. Her purpose is rooted in ESG and social impact, with certifications in sustainable business strategy from Harvard Business School and the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. She looks at sport as a tool for social impact: uniting communities, reducing inequalities and inspiring the next generation.



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