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#ThePivot S7:E10 Supporting Local Media in Canada with Sarah Thompson of dentsu Canada

About 50% of all ad spend is digital. Of that, only 5-6% is within the Canadian local media market, a shift in the course of about five years. As we explore why and work to earn the attention of our audiences, it’s more important than ever to really consider what kind of world we are creating, and how we are supporting Canadian owned and operated media, and especially local news.

Learn about how we can meaningfully move the needle on this, and so much more in the latest conversation between Ken Evans and Sarah Thompson.

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Guest Bio

Sarah Thompson (she/her)

Sarah is President, Media for Dentsu in Canada. She oversees Carat, Dentsu X and iProspect in Canada as well as the investment arm, Amplifi. Sarah is a vocal advocate to support local media, along with diversity, equity & inclusion in the workplace and representation in media. Sarah’s career experience spans telecom (Rogers/TELUS and Shaw), retail, banking and insurance, consumer packaged goods, electronics, technology and B2B. She has had roles in media strategy, creative and brand strategy, CRM, data and technology.

A frequent and sought after speaker, Sarah regularly discusses responsible media and advertising, representation and the supply chain of media. And, has made multiple appearances as a guest lecturer at Schulich Business School, Humber, Centennial, Miami Ad School, and Rotman. She has spoken at numerous industry events and is often quoted in media, including articles for the Toronto Star, National Post and the Globe & Mail. Sarah is also an avid moderator and panelist for Filling the Gap, an organization dedicated to more inclusivity in the workforce. Sarah was also awarded “Media Leader of the Year” in 2020 from the CMDC. Currently as the President for Dentsu’s media brands in Canada, Sarah is on a mission to make the dentsu a place where all of her colleagues can shine and thrive and clients understand when their media is working and when is it wasteful.



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