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#ThePivot S7:E4 Diving Deep into Media with Brett Chang

Intentional media consumption and being informed are more relevant than ever as the landscape continues to evolve. But why? What does being informed truly mean in 2023 and beyond? What makes one type of media appear more ubiquitous than another? How can paid social be leveraged when building an online community? And where does legacy media fit in this space?

This week, we are joined by Co-Founder of The Peak and Host of the Peak Daily, Brett Chang to answer all of these questions, and much more. We also discuss Brett’s non-linear journey into the world of media and his passion and approaches for sustaining The Peak Daily and The Peak, Canada’s most daily read newsletter.

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Brett Chang is CEO and Co-Founder of The Peak. The Peak helps Canada’s modern business leaders get smarter and stay informed with news and content that’s fast, entertaining, and digestible. Across newsletters, podcasts, events, and social media, The Peak reaches a daily audience of over 110,000 modern Canadian business and public policy leaders.



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