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#ThePivot S7:E6 Getting Ahead of Crisis with Anne Marie Aikins (she/her)

As the trusted spokesperson and industry leader you want during the good times and the really, really bad times, Anne Marie Aikins (she/her) joins The Pivot on this week’s episode. Leaning into her dedication for public service, we dive into her community engagement experiences and how to proactively foster thought-provoking goodwill, and partnership. We also weave through the do’s and don’ts of solid issues management and crisis communication, when to deploy an area expert versus a spokesperson and much more.

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Guest Bio

A trusted spokesperson and seasoned media industry leader, former Chief Spokesperson of Metrolinx, Anne Marie Aikins (she/her), brings more than two decades of experience in award-winning media relations and complex crisis communications. A published author, former journalist and creative storyteller, Anne Marie is also known for her great sense of humour, dedication to public service, and unlimited energy.



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