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#APEX25 – Lessons From Iceland

For APEX’s 25th anniversary, our team took a leap and landed in Iceland for four days! This trip was a golden opportunity for us to take much-needed time to reflect, rejuvenate and bond with our teammates in ways we hadn’t done before, while also absorbing new cultures and lessons in problem-solving.

An extraordinary place filled with majestic beauty, history, food, culture, tours and things to do, here are some key learnings our teammates took away from our life-changing experience:

  • Jen: We hadn’t spent 3-4 days straight with each other since 2019. This trip allowed the group to bond, learn more about each other and create new friendships.

  • Mishel: Locals both young and old consume print media (news papers, journals and magazines) regularly. I had seen it happen at a coffee shop a few times!

  • Linda: If you think something might not be fun/interesting (like walking in the rain), reframing it in your mind as to the positives is helpful, and you end up enjoying yourself + building resiliency!

  • Raph: Embrace and celebrate what makes you different.

  • Taylor: Geyser is the most popular Icelandic word in the English language!

  • Cindy: Bring extra layers and overdress for the weather – the sun only pops out 15 days in a calendar year!

  • Hannah: Seems as though everyone has different last names!

  • Jacob: Iceland has a creek where you can make a wish, so bring extra coins with you so you can make your wish come true!

  • Aadya: Come *extra* prepared with more than you think you need – the climate is super windy and rainy!

  • Leah: Even though we spend hours together on a regular basis, truly putting the work in to get to know your colleagues (and clients!) is what takes relationships to the next level.

  • Tara: While Icelanders only fly their flag on special occasions, the Pride flag is always flying. Also, there are more sheep than people!

With the new-found knowledge and energy we've captured and brought back to the office, we can’t wait to share more with you about our future milestones.

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