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#ThePivot S8:E1 Women's Sport: Leading the Way with Canadian Olympians Diana Matheson and Jayna Hefford

In our Season 8 opener, we welcome legendary Canadian Olympians Diana Matheson (Project 8) and Jayna Hefford (PWHL) to chat about the important work they’re leading in advancing women’s sports, and key observations of the evolving landscape. From rapidly rising viewership to fandom participation, broadcast strategy, and strategic sponsorship, the growing market and demand for women’s sports has opened a plethora of opportunities. Brands can take the lead, live their values, and double down on their advocacy, rather than shy away from it. 

As women’s sports leagues continue to grow in Canada and abroad, we must all do our part to not only show our support, but also to get involved and really show what we stand for.

Gain deeper insight and wisdom into the steps we are taking in this latest conversation between host Ken Evans, and Canadian Olympians Diana Matheson and Jayna Hefford.

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Guest Bios

Diana Matheson (she/her)

Diana Matheson will always have her place in Canadian Olympic history for scoring the goal in the 92nd minute that won Canada the bronze medal at London 2012.  After competing for the Canada national team from 2003 to 2020, and multiple professional women's teams over the course of her career, Diana continues to elevate women’s sport as Co-Founder and CEO of Project 8 - a new professional women soccer league set to launch in 2025. The two-time Olympic Bronze Medalist is also a current Executive MBA candidate at The Smith School of Business.

Jayna Hefford (she/her)

By six years old, Jayna Hefford was out on the ice, and not long after had a hockey puck in her hands. The rest, as they say, is history. After competing in 5 Olympic Games, and winning 4 Olympic Gold medals, Jayna Hefford is now a speaker, who is passionate about sharing her experiences of competing at the highest level for 17 years, and also sharing the many things she’s learned about Consistency, Change & Adaptability, Creating a Successful Culture and the Importance of Diversity. Key pillars that inform her leadership as SVP of Operations at the hugely popular PWHL.


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