OpinionPOSTED April 30, 2014

5 reasons IRL communication matters

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5 reasons IRL communication matters

Nothing can replace the value of face-to-face communication. However, in a growing business, travelling to meet with clients and partners isn’t always feasible. Instead we text, tweet, email, and play phone tag.

But before you hit “send,” consider these five reasons why face-to-face may be best:

1. You can read body language

It’s hard to follow body cues on a conference call, and you can’t tell if someone is frowning as they respond to your email. Also: how many times have you misinterpreted an email because someone didn’t add a smiley face emoticon or used the “wrong” punctuation? Psychology Today says our nonverbal communication often conveys more than our words.

2. It helps you build trust

A sense of security can be developed through face-to-face communication, which helps build trust and enables knowledge-sharing and problem-solving.

3. You’re more likely to get things done

When there is an issue that requires a decision, you are able to meet a consensus more quickly. As well, the more people you have in the meeting, the more energy and opportunities to participate and innovate. There’s nothing like the electricity of a good brainstorm session.

4. It drives participation

When everyone is in the same room, it encourages participation. You can’t sit in the back and disengage or put someone on mute to have a side conversation.

5. It’s key to relationship-building

Interacting directly with someone face-to-face helps create camaraderie that can be the basis of cooperation and success for future conversations. You get to joke around and learn about common interests.

Jennifer Stein is a big believer in picking up the phone or, even better, meeting IRL. Follow her on Twitter.

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