June 20, 2017 Follow along tonight using #CPRSTO https://t.co/gGRLBo8Syc

June 19, 2017 I'm excited to be part of tomorrow's panel discussion about the Fort McMurray wildfire response! #cprsTO #YMM https://t.co/lNVjRogqaZ

June 19, 2017 Quote of the day https://t.co/tYPGFRMFiC

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June 15, 2017 You don't need a logo in your video. Think of your brand colours or try to insert your product or brand in organically #ruckusmakers

June 15, 2017 You can use audience list in google/YouTube. They have put their hand up to say they are interested. @ruckusdigital #ruckusmakers

June 15, 2017 Learning about the power of Google Trends as a base for digital video testing and tapping into creators on YouTube.… https://t.co/CyuMOLSudp

June 15, 2017 With those 50 and above, we're seeing 3x more growth every year on YouTube. #ruckusmakers

June 15, 2017 Millennials are going digital first. No surprise there but you need a strategy to deliver. @ruckusdigital #ruckusmakers

June 14, 2017 At the ⚾️ game with @APEXPR @ruckusdigital ❤️ https://t.co/LXSBHPDnJJ

June 14, 2017 Hey #PR students, internship alert! https://t.co/hltRUgECv0

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June 13, 2017 "Provide photos & video if appropriate." @johndeveney #iabc17 https://t.co/1axR2BxA6R

June 13, 2017 In a crisis you need to respond or address ALL messages. @johndeveney #iabc17 https://t.co/JR10A9ifyC

June 13, 2017 Your first social media words in a crisis should be a "we are aware of the situation" post. @johndeveney #iabc17 https://t.co/6nFIxXmudx

June 3, 2017 Obsessed with these @NewBalanceCan kicks for summer. @APEXpr https://t.co/GZSbioSnUc

June 2, 2017 I'm very spoiled by my wonderful work colleagues https://t.co/ZQJYmyQLzf

June 1, 2017 IN LOVE https://t.co/m1lFPYceCl

June 1, 2017 I am seriously obsessed with these @LEVIS x @BlueJays jackets! https://t.co/K4rGkSNwVu