October 12, 2017 @APEXPR @LEVIS @TheKit @shopSQUAREONE Love the customized jackets

October 4, 2017 Where's your #squad at? Ours' will be at the @APEXPR + @ruckusdigital offices tonight for #SquadDay17! https://t.co/f5TrLUK0Il

October 3, 2017 @APEXPR @theBCMA @ruckusdigital Excited to join and looking forward to being involved!

September 29, 2017 @APEXLinda @APEXPR @ruckusdigital Congratulations Linda - well deserved honour!

September 29, 2017 Congrats @APEXLinda on receiving the Master Communicator designation @IABC @IABCToronto! https://t.co/5xyRAYiq2t

September 29, 2017 @APEXLinda @APEXPR @ruckusdigital Congrats Linda - beyond well-deserved!

September 29, 2017 Congrats to our very own @APEXLinda (East) & @LaurieDawkins (West) 2017 #IABC Master Communicators!… https://t.co/xuL7ccOBvV

September 26, 2017 Bad. 140 encourages economy of words + thoughts. We distill what's important. 280 will mean more scrolling. Bette… https://t.co/Bm7sBdg46a

September 21, 2017 @APEXPR @APEXLinda @tappedmobile Thanks so much for hosting me. Looking forward to working together!

September 18, 2017 @APEXPR Awesome! I've just sent out all my network pitches today too! #merrySeptember!

September 18, 2017 Me waiting for the @APEXPR @ruckusdigital retreat fridaaayyy!!! https://t.co/YqvlHeESjl

September 14, 2017 I really love agency day at @APEXPR and @ruckusdigital So much fun! https://t.co/vAASqV6kQv

August 30, 2017 Nice job team @APEXPR https://t.co/TLBULaR0eW

August 25, 2017 @APEXPR Take a look at these #britishcolumbia venues. Filter according to your requirement & send RFP https://t.co/yx5xnbRdH2 ^AM

August 17, 2017 I'm going to buy these for the @APEXPR office https://t.co/VWWvwuCp0B

August 16, 2017 Once you start, you realize nothing is impossible and that everything IS possible. Get up, get out and get 'er done… https://t.co/bhjqk630Z8

August 15, 2017 Exciting week of productions for @WalmartCanada! #ClientLove https://t.co/T6tRSCj2VO

August 14, 2017 Exciting morning today! Welcoming a new team member, Amanda, to ruckus Digital as Community Manager!

August 2, 2017 @APEXPR This is timely, we're in the process of changing our site from chronological to categorical