April 28, 2017 We're with the @WalmartCanada + @apexpr team today at #BabyTime17 showcasing their #ParentsChoice & #GeorgeBaby col… https://t.co/RpPLpx7WkE

April 27, 2017 Sooooo good to see @dibegin and meet the @apexpr/@ruckusdigital team tonight! #WomeninPRCanada https://t.co/K4ksXHVz9c

April 27, 2017 Excited to be at the #WomeninPRCanada event tonight with the @apexpr team. https://t.co/W41AhkR9jj

April 27, 2017 And we're off! Welcome to the #Toronto chapter of @WomeninPRcanada. #WomeninPRCanada https://t.co/n2fAkI41QX

April 25, 2017 Great opportunity with a good group! @patapex https://t.co/chvFaioT5s

April 21, 2017 The #FtMacFires was one of the most talked about news stories of last year, says @dibegin #yegpr #CPRSproud https://t.co/xWr01JOXsg

April 21, 2017 And we're off! Past #CPRSproud president Dan introduces our speakers @dibegin and @JordanRedshaw talkinging about… https://t.co/E2DJbm81of

April 21, 2017 We're getting ready for our #CPRSproud PD session on the #FtMacFires with @dibegin & @JordanRedshaw and we have hav… https://t.co/MRZygrDRn8

April 19, 2017 MoVernie on the MOVE continues...@ Fashion Arts Toronto (FAT), checking out some cool fashion creativity. #FAT https://t.co/gKDLMqcyfy

April 19, 2017 @menubyvicky @NewBalanceCan @SportChek @CatchingHeather @newbalance @apexpr in love with their bras!!!

April 19, 2017 This pretty much sums up my shopping experience . Thanks @NewBalanceCan @SportChek @CatchingHeather https://t.co/hPPJAacdZr

April 19, 2017 @apexpr @BlueJays @LEVIS A very nice stylish jacket by Levi's. A special edition. You got some nice models there we… https://t.co/wz4fpqgLOT

April 19, 2017 Guess what I got via courier 2day? A special edition of the Levi's Toronto #BlueJays Collection's Trucker Jacket. T… https://t.co/9ayB97GaUS

April 18, 2017 This guy just arrived! Thank-you @LEVIS! I love repping my city! ⚾️ #Toronto #YYZ #BlueJays https://t.co/LGQDs2Cnhu

April 17, 2017 These look great. https://t.co/orRGX7PcDb

April 17, 2017 I need this jacket in my life! #LetsRise @apexpr https://t.co/nhbokC8qq5

April 17, 2017 ♥️ https://t.co/XgxdNDutbl

April 12, 2017 I never thoug #GrilledCheese can replace the bread with hashbrown. Thx to #GreatValueFood 4 opening my mind!… https://t.co/EzPWjQgq98

April 12, 2017 This Poutine Grilled Cheese recipe from #GreatValueFood is simply the best with a cool twist. Luv it! Happy… https://t.co/SGqjWMaYAQ