InsightsPOSTED December 1, 2015

Your health: A League (app) of its own

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Every once in a while new software wows you because it makes your life better or just that much easier.

Whether it’s to help you navigate your city, like GIS map software powered by Esri for the City of Kingston tracking everything in that city in real-time, to having a meal with the locals through apps like Eat With, disruption technologies are where it’s at because they’re focused on YOU.

And, you know you’ve fallen hard for tech when all you want to do is tell people how great it is.

For me, it’s League (@joinleague), which is “Powering a healthier you.” Or, me that is.

Started by Mike Serbinis, who also co-founded DocSpace (document security company) and e-book reader company Kobo, the start-up finds its home in Toronto.

Profiled recently in the Globe and Mail, its disruption-worthy status comes as a result of working with small businesses to offer extended benefits to employees instead of working with a traditional insurer.

Even if your employer already has you covered with health insurance benefits (like me), the app offers a super easy way to find health providers including everything from yoga practitioners to massage therapists based on your GPS location.

And, everything (aside from the service obviously) is done on the app from booking to your official receipt.

Love that.

So far, I’ve booked three services and plan to do more.

There’s also talk about having the app synch with wearables – such as my FitBit, incidentally a gift to everyone in our office last year – to provide a more holistic health approach.

Disruption that makes our lives easier, like this app, will always be worth it.

Diane Bégin is an account director at APEX. Need help telling your tech story? Drop us a line.

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