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Traditional PR is a thing of the past, so embrace the new reality

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The world is flat.

Many of us are familiar with the metaphor coined by Thomas Friedman, which suggests that globalization has altered traditional economic concepts; effectively leveling the playing field and allowing companies to become more competitive while breaking down traditional divides. This perceptual shift not only applies to economics, but increasingly to the marketing mix as well.

Just as historical and geographical barriers are becoming increasingly irrelevant in business, the silos that once defined the traditional marketing mix (i.e. sales, advertising, PR, promotion, social/digital, etc.) are also being torn down.

This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for those of us within the industry.

Increasingly, clients are looking for agencies and partners that can provide fully integrated 360 communications solutions. Traditional “PR” campaigns are quickly becoming a thing of the past as brands look to develop and execute programs that utilize all aspects of communications to effectively reach target audiences.

In fact, according to the results of a recent study by Avidan Strategies, integrated marketing communications has turned into the area of greatest importance for CMOs, who desperately seek a holistic approach to engage consumers.

So how will this change alter the business of public relations?

It seems quite simple: agencies that understand and embrace this new reality will almost certainly benefit from the transition, while those that don’t will likely be left wondering “where did all the business go?”

So the next time your client comes knocking for strategic counsel, remember: the world is flat…and so is the marketing mix.

Erick Bauer is a Senior Consultant at APEX Public Relations. Follow him on Twitter.

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