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#Weekending – Taking in urban wilderness

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Toronto Skyline

Studies show that people who take part in extra-curricular activities are better problem-solvers and more creative. So, over the summer we’ll share what we like to do in our spare time.

Intern Ben Walters talks about one of his favourite weekending spots: Toronto’s Tommy Thompson Park.

Tommy Thompson Park

Similar to many of my weekends, I recently visited the Leslieville spit to enjoy a brief escape from the busy city.  Otherwise known as Tommy Thompson Park, the spit provides a beautiful parallel of old industrial wasteland and modern nature conservation.

What was once an open water industrial dumping site has now become Toronto’s nicest lakeside park and bike trail. I have been visiting the spit since before I can remember and it creates a seemingly complete natural disconnection from the city only a short distance away.

Like many people, I enjoy living in Toronto with all the benefits of city life. However, the serenity found on quiet beaches under the summer sun is an escape that almost anyone can appreciate.

Without the opportunity to relax and reflect, it can be difficult to fully appreciate the world around you. In the context of city life, this opportunity is best represented through a temporary escape or disconnect within a natural environment. The process of reconnecting with one’s self, and others around them in a setting without stress can be important for both mental and physical wellness.


Unlike many urban areas, Toronto offers a multitude of natural spaces that allow its residents to benefit from both cosmopolitan and natural environments.  The Leslieville spit epitomizes that benefit through offering a balance of nature conservation within the industrial landscape.

Ben Walters is an intern at APEX Public Relations and ruckus Digital. Check out more of our #Weekending series throughout the summer.

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