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#Weekending: Back home to Brampton

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Studies show that people who take part in extra-curricular activities are better problem-solvers and more creative. So, over the summer we’ll share what we like to do in our spare time.

Consultant Ashley Villarroel talks about her weekend visit home for Thanksgiving.

Having just moved out this year, it was my first ever Thanksgiving long weekend feeling like the Saturday Night Live Digital Short ‘Back Home Ballers’. I was back in Brampton, ON for the weekend to spend time with family and reunite with some high school friends for a wedding.

Seating Card

Thanksgiving is a fun holiday for me because dinner takes place in the house I grew up in. I always look forward to it because it’s with my family and it’s full of traditions.

It’s tradition for my mom and me to prepare the dinner, so on Saturday we woke up early to have breakfast at our local Sunset Grill and to purchase all of our ingredients. It seems super last minute to shop the day before, but everyone else had the same idea in mind. The grocery store was absolute mayhem – and see everyone crowd around the collection of turkeys was super entertaining.

Grocery store

We spent all day Sunday preparing for dinner. As stressful as it can get, I always look forward to it every year – and I love seeing my family enjoy what we’ve prepared. Our menu always stays the same: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, sautéed button mushroom and green beans, corn on the cob and gravy (lots and lots of gravy…)

food table

Our next family tradition happens during dinner. We go around the table so everyone can share what they are thankful for and what they’re excited about for the New Year. It’s a time for us to reflect together and remind us all of the importance of family and togetherness. I absolutely love what my grandpa said at his turn, “Love your partner. If you give love, you will get love in return.” It’s totally something Paul McCartney would say. Hearing it from him was so out of the ordinary, which made it extra special.

The last of our tradition is indulging in many different kinds of pie for dessert. This year’s menu included apple pie, pumpkin pie, bumble crumble and key lime. My aunt brings them from Chudleigh’s Farm every year.

Pie table

Traditions are so special to me, especially since I’m such a sentimental person. I love that my family has kept our Thanksgiving traditions for so many years, and I look forward to doing it all over again next year.

Ashley Villarroel is a Consultant at APEX Public Relations. Check out more of our #Weekending series to see what we do on our weekends.

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