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#Weekending – Life at the cottage

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on the lake

Studies show that people who take part in extra-curricular activities are better problem-solvers and more creative. So, over the summer we’ll share what we like to do in our spare time.

Managing partner Linda Andross talks about her favourite weekending spot: her family’s cottage.

Weekends are a time to give my mind a chance to unravel and to focus on challenges from a different perspective. On weekends we pile into the car, fill it up with way too much junk food and go to the cottage with our friends, family and all the pets.  On the deck or dock, with the sun shining and the waves lapping, there is time to read books that have been calling out to us on the shelf, listen to The Wolf (literally and figuratively since the radio station 101.5 is called The Wolf), lie in the hammock and watch the trees and birds overhead and the sounds of the kids jumping into the lake.

At the cottage everyone has one weekend “chore” whether it is dishes, cooking a meal, watering our newly planted trees or yes, blowing up the darn floaties!

I think in these moments, although my brain is still thinking about work challenges or creative things I’m trying to untangle, it has time to do it in its own way. Many times, when I’ve been away I’ve had a subtle aha moment when I’ve been blowing up, yep, a floatie!  Your brain needs down time to be reflective, enjoy nature and laughter with loved ones.

As we sift through all the things that are going on in our lives, we give ourselves time to let some of the work or life stresses go away and we are more in the moment. The weather seems better (even the rain seems better at the cottage!), the food has more flavour and the lake is even colder than you thought possible. It is a time to try new things like learning to use the stand-up paddle board or just be still.

#Weekending helps us come back to our day-to-day lives a bit more refreshed and ready to take on the week!

Linda Andross is a managing partner at APEX Public Relations and ruckus Digital. Check out more of our #Weekending series throughout the summer.

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