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Volunteer day: Helping to Make-A-Wish

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Volunteering with Make-A-Wish

Everyone always says “I am too busy to do that” or “I don’t have time,” but it is all about making time, especially when it comes to volunteering. Not only is it a way to connect with new people, but it gives you an opportunity to help those in need and to help a cause that resonates with you.


I finally “made time” and decided I was going to help volunteer at Make-A-Wish this year after they came in to speak to our office. They were setting up a booth at the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show for the weekend and needed people to help run it. I had a strong desire to volunteer for Make-A-Wish as I had volunteered at an organization in the US that partnered terminally ill kids with NCAA teams.


My responsibilities involved brand awareness, contest pitching and relationship building – to name a few. Even with these responsibilities, it was the people I met and worked with that really made the experience unique.


While being at the Sportsmen’s Show we were tasked to bring people over to the Make-A-Wish booth, so we could give them some background, have them donate to have a wish come true, or have them take part in the raffle. Trying to have people converse with us was somewhat difficult as we were not a typical booth at the show.


Once we were able to grab the attention of passersby we quickly came up with a personalized message, which helped pique their interest and gave us a chance to pass on information about our cause. It was not only about the attendees, we even mingled with different companies at the Sportsmen’s Show. By telling them about Make-A-Wish it helped spread awareness as they announced us at different booths and pushed attendees to stop by to see us.


The most important and most touching part was to hear from those who had known someone that had been affected by Make-A-Wish. Even though each person had been impacted differently, they were all extremely grateful. It was nice to get to meet professionals and participants, but it is the positive impression that Make-A-Wish had left on so many people that really stuck. I will definitely be going back to volunteer with them in the near future.


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Kevin Behar is an account coordinator at APEX PR. You can follow him on Twitter. Does your organization need help communicating how it gives back gives back? Drop us a line.

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