InsightsPOSTED September 30, 2015

Understanding today’s grocery cart [infographic]

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Grocery cart

Some of my industry peers get their inspiration from glossy fashion and interior design magazines, others from keeping up with the latest technological advancements and business news, and still others from scouring their own social networks.

As for me, I get most excited with cold, hard data – specifically on today’s rapidly changing consumer preferences – for everything from snack foods and laundry detergent to apparel and luxury goods.

Case in point, this infographic I had the chance to work on recently with APEX’s design partner, where I learned some interesting facts about the changing consumer landscape when it comes to food shopping in particular.

For instance, drug stores are on the rise, and evolving into “the new convenience store” and the four top categories leading this growth are confectionery, milk, soft drinks and snack food. This certainly makes sense when you consider the way our eating patterns are shifting to more frequently-consumed snacks vs. two or three full meals in a day.

We are also sharing more and more of our lives on social media. From selfies and product reviews to helpful tips and tricks, 38 per cent of millennials say they always try to share items they enjoy on the internet, compared to just 31 per cent of the general population.

Brands have come to have distinct identities, and, by extension, consumers are now choosing products that reflect their own personal brand identity. And it’s not just about the products any longer; research shows that 78 per cent of millennials would prefer to spend money on an event or an experience than a tangible product.

It’s a challenging and exciting time for consumer brands right now, and I for one am thrilled to be on that ride with the clients we work with here at APEX.

evolving grocery cart

Rohini Mukherji is an account director at APEX. Do you need help with your consumer brand? Drop us a line.