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How to tweet

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As much as avid Twitter users are loyal to the platform, it continues to baffle some folks. Less than one in five Internet users tweet.

Steve Ladurantaye, responsible for news & government @TwitterCanada, recently offered the following tips at the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms PR BootCamp to get more engagement.

On Twitter, you will get on average 

  • 27% more engagement with photos in your tweets
  • 25% more engagement with quotes in your tweets (e.g. pulling a quote from a news article)
  • 22% more engagement with numbers in your tweets
  • 14% more engagement with hashtags in your tweets (limit to two)

But it was the announcement that Twitter may eliminate @ replies and hashtags that has been brought up in a number of recent conversations that made me think, there are still many people who just don’t understand it.

It’s not so much what to tweet, but rather how to use Twitter that’s posing a challenge for the majority.

The move is reportedly as a result of the steep learning curve for the platform, as only about ¼ of Twitter users are actual users.

The learning curve is a problem that I continue to hear from many people – even active users – who don’t realize Twitter’s full potential.

So, where can you go to really learn how to tweet? Twitter does have a decent Help Center, but here are four good resources to get you started or to get better at Twitter.

1. What is Twitter? This video from The Social Clinic will give you a good idea what you’re getting into.

2. 31 Tips to Use Twitter
With the exception of tip 31 (people should not put a lot of weight in most social credibility scores), this list from Forbes offers a pretty comprehensive look at what you should know about Twitter. The fact that “Start Communicating” is step 21 gives you a sense of the learning curve.

3. Video: How to tweet
If you are more of a visual person (like me), I would recommend an investment in a learning tool like  They offer a few Twitter-related classes, including Twitter Essential Training and Twitter for Business. A few of the lectures are available for free but if you’re serious about Twitter, it would be worth the $25/month investment.

4. How to Build the Perfect Tweet
Once you’ve mastered the platform, this post from Gerry Moran can help you refine your tweets.

Most importantly, know that it’s not you, it’s the tool.  But with a little time spent, your relationship with Twitter could take off.

A passionate Girl Geek, Diane Bégin will be blogging at F.I.T.C. later this month.

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