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#TotallyTech with Kevin David: Fold it up

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Kevin David

The tech space is constantly changing – whether it is the hardware that you play on, to the software that keeps your information safe – it just keeps evolving. To get a deeper look into the realm of tech, we asked tech media and influencers to share their views on the new and the old tech, as well as where they see the tech space going! 

We recently chatted with Kevin David (@the_IT_Nerd), tech writer and founder of The IT Nerd.

  • What is your favourite device you’ve used and why?

“The Apple Watch. It helps me on multiple fronts. From the health perspective, I now have a device that can legitimately warn me if I have a life-threatening issue. From a fitness perspective, it helps me to be more active. The Apple Watch allows me to also be “disconnected while being connected” because the cellular model that I am using allows me to leave my phone behind but still be reachable. Plus, I can discreetly check notifications and even email on the watch. “

  • Do you see devices getting bigger (the iPhone, Samsung phones), smaller (laptops, keyboards and mice), or a mix depending on the device?

“Sadly yes. There seems to be a trend that bigger is better. Samsung just came out with the Note 10+ which is insanely big. Ditto for the iPhone XS Max. And you have laptops that are coming with 16” and 17” screens for reasons that I do not understand. I personally would prefer having a smaller more usable phone, or a smaller and lighter laptop which is easier to travel with. And many of my clients agree with me.” 

  • Which tech brand has made the most “noise” in 2019?

“Samsung because of the Galaxy Fold. They made the most noise because of how they mishandled that whole incident. Apple is a close second because of the cancellation of AirPower, their ongoing nightmare with iPhone sales, the whole privacy thing (both good and bad), and numerous high-profile software bugs. Example, the bugs with Group FaceTime and Walkie Talkie.”

  • Foldable devices – the future or just a trend?

“I suspect there is a market for foldable phones, though I also suspect that we are also a long way away from having robust usable products that appeal to the masses. At the moment, I would call this a niche market.”

  • With so many breaches, do you think fingerprint and facial recognition represent the best way to improve security? Why or why not?

“While I do think that fingerprint and facial recognition could improve things, they aren’t the magic bullet. What’s really needed is education about how companies and individual can protect themselves. Strong widespread use of multi-factor authentication (fingerprint and facial recognition can be part of that) and companies to step up their game in terms of security. I also feel that we also need laws worldwide like the General Data Protection Regulation that have teeth when it comes to punishing companies who fail on this front. That would give companies a huge incentive to get their act together.”

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