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#TotallyTech with Brad Moon: Different device, different day

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The tech space is constantly changing – whether it is the hardware that you play on, to the software that keeps your information safe – it just keeps evolving. To get a deeper look into the realm of tech, we asked tech media and influencers to share their views on the new and the old tech, as well as where they see the tech space going! 

We recently chatted with Brad Moon (@Moontechgear), freelance tech writer, about trends in tech.

1. What is your favourite device you’ve used and why?

“This is a tough one as I spend all day — virtually every day — interacting with and evaluating devices… There are simply too many different classes of devices and too many new entries to nail a single one.

What I can say is that among the favourite devices I’ve used a great deal this year are:

  • Jaybird’s Tarah Pro wireless earbuds (comfortable fit, great sound and crazy battery life),
  • Kobo’s Forma E-Reader (a hardcore reader, I love the big display and physical buttons),
  • The Fluance RT85 turntable (fantastic sound + value),
  • Apple Watch Series 4 (bigger and higher resolution display makes it much more enjoyable to interact with and it’s my mobile music source when I don’t want to lug around a smartphone),
  • Nanoleaf’s Canvas light panels (customized smart lighting for my office walls that also turns it into a night club when I’m playing music), and,
  • A Traeger Timberline 850 Wi-Fi connected pellet grill (being able to smoke brisket while monitoring and controlling grill temperature remotely using a mobile app is a game-changer).

Three of those — Fluance, Nanoleaf and sort of Kobo — are Canadian as well, and I love it when I can promote Canadian tech to a wider audience.”

2. Do you see devices getting bigger (the iPhone, Samsung phones), smaller (laptops, keyboards and mice), or a mix depending on the device?

“It seems to be a device-based mix. Smartphone sizes continue to creep up. At least display sizes do — I suppose we’ll find out if there’s an ultimate upper size limit once manufacturers reach the end of the move to reclaim screen real estate from bezels and have to start making the devices physically larger again. Personally, I find a larger smartphone is more useful, but I have big hands and need reading glasses… Laptops seem to be moving bigger as well. Again, reduced bezel sizes are helping here (along with improved processor and mobile graphics power management). With 17-inch laptops no longer being boat anchors, why not go for the bigger display? Accessories like keyboards and mice tend to stay the same size, as miniaturizing inputs makes them more difficult to use.”

3. Which tech brand has made the most “noise” in 2019?

“That’s another tough one and it also depends on whether you’re talking Canada and North America or globally… I think there’s a case to be made for Huawei for example, but it’s practically a non-entity here. In this market, I think the various new products launched (or launching) this year combined with marketing spends make the usually suspects like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Samsung candidates.”

4. Foldable devices – the future or just a trend?

“I’ve been wrong before, but I don’t see foldables as the future. I can see them having success as a niche option, but I think the combination of cost, weight/thickness, and the difficulty in having a folded flexible display ever being perfectly and flawlessly flat once open will prevent mass adoption.”

5. With so many breaches, do you think fingerprint and facial recognition represent the best way to improve security? Why or why not?

“I prefer biometric security over passwords and other methods, so long as the biometric data and authentication is device-based. Beats the hell out of generating and remembering unique passwords. And more secure than two-factor authentication or password managers. However, if biometric data is stored on servers, that becomes a problem — I wouldn’t want my biometric data out there…”

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