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#TotallyTech with Erin Lawrence: Size & security

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Erin Lawrence

The tech space is constantly changing – whether it is the hardware that you play on, to the software that keeps your information safe – it just keeps evolving. To get a deeper look into the realm of tech, we asked tech media and influencers to share their views on the new and the old tech, as well as where they see the tech space going! 

We recently chatted with journalist, TV/video producer and tech blogger Erin Lawrence (@tvchick1313), of &, about trends in tech.

1. What is your favourite device you’ve used and why?

“This is so hard! I’ve reviewed a lot of gadgets in my lifetime. The ones I’ve ended up getting for myself and using constantly include the Apple iPhone (currently using the XS Max), Nanoleaf’s Aurora flat LED lighting panels and the entire Philips Hue lineup of indoor and outdoor lighting. I love colour-changing light; I find it can change the mood or feel of a room so much.”

2. Do you see devices getting bigger (the iPhone, Samsung phones), smaller (laptops, keyboards and mice), or a mix depending on the device?

“With handheld devices, everyone is aiming for that perfect size right now. For years it was all about smaller, smaller, smaller. And while we recognized the benefit of smaller devices fitting in our pockets, they also posed a challenge when it came to typing or reading comfortably. So, I see our devices growing a bit so they’re comfortable, versatile and still portable.”

3. Which tech brand has made the most “noise” in 2019?

“I think Amazon as a company is fascinating. It is trying to be so many things to everyone. It reminds me of the old department store concept; you’d go there for underwear and socks, candy, but also your dishwasher and other appliances. While the future of the brick and mortar store is up for debate, Amazon is emulating that retail experience successfully in the digital space. The company’s delivery concept is impressive: I can order something before going to bed and have it in my hands tomorrow – whether that’s toilet paper, a Kindle or Fire tablet, a smartphone case, a drill bit, or even a tiny home on Prime Day! Amazon just keeps finding ways to give people what they want and it’s fascinating to watch.”

4. Foldable devices – the future or just a trend?

“Trend. But then again, laptops are still here, aren’t they?”

5. With so many breaches, do you think fingerprint and facial recognition represent the best way to improve security? Why or why not?

“I think security will only get better, whether that’s facial recognition, fingerprint scans, or iris scans. At the same time, no matter how much companies work on security, there’s always someone out there who wants to crack it. Multilayered security might be our future, where your phone will automatically do a face or iris scan, but you’d still need to key in a password and maybe use your fingerprint too. I believe entire device surfaces will eventually be capable of seeing your fingerprint. It’s all just going to become more seamless.”

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