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Top 5 things you’ll need to survive at an agency

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The concept of this post was originally inspired by Toronto Life’s “Top 10 things I can’t live without” but thought I would give it a twist and share my top five things I can’t live without as a PR agency girl.

Thanks to the amazing CPRS students who visited our office for #PassportToPR I thought I would get a head start on our upcoming blog challenge where we are asking APEXer’s what the top five things are that THEY cannot live without – so keep an eye out for it!

Wake up. Coffee: A wise person once said ‘there is no life without water… because water is needed to make coffee’. I really don’t need to say anything more but I will. In all honesty nothing wakes you up at 5am and gets you going or gives you your second, third and sometimes fourth wind like coffee. How about when it’s 5pm the days end is nowhere near in sight? Coffee. Ultimately coffee is always the answer…well, there is wine but we’ll save that for my next post.

Newspaper: I cannot stress the importance of reading the newspaper each day. You may not always have the time to read The National Post from front to back but at the very least you should be reading a commuter paper (Metro, 24Hrs) each day. It is vital to have an understanding what is happening in the city, country and world and see who is writing about what. Recognizing reporter’s names and the topics they write about will help immensely media relations.

My notebook: You quickly learn after stepping foot into a PR agency that you cannot and will not survive without a notebook; no, not at a laptop notebook and unfortunately for me not the movie staring Ryan Gosling but a good, ole fashioned notebook. My fav you ask? My giant, spiral-bound Kate Spade notebook. From day one you will take notes, write down your daily tasks, the never ending tasks and the creative thoughts that pop into your head about a client that you’ll end up sharing with your team.

Blazer: A good blazer goes a long way and although I’m guilty of not always having one at my desk you will be amazed how handy it will come. When a client drops by for an impromptu meeting suddenly your casual jean and shirt combo will look office-chic and will instantly give you a professional look. In the market for a good blazer? Check out Brooks Brothers! (APEX client.)

Battery pack: You may be asking why I didn’t put down an iPhone or smartphone as this must-have. Well, the answer is, that’s just silly. Your phone is just as, if not more important than food and water. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but you get it. Your days at a PR agency are often long and although you know you can handle those occasional 14-hour days, your phone on the other hand, cannot. From answering emails to taking photos, sending texts and making calls, your phone puts up with a lot and you can’t have it give out halfway through the day. Power outlets are not always available and you don’t want to be that person who is constantly leaned up against the wall plugged-in when there are 12 other things going on around you. In essence, a battery pack is key. My pick? The new ASUS ZenPower slim battery pack. (APEX client.)

Jessica Spremo is a consultant at APEX. Follow her on Twitter @jessicaspremo. Want to learn how we can make your brand stand out? Get in touch with us!

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