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Turn off the Internet to Stay Focused

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Turning off distractions may sometimes seem like a luxury, but to stay focused on the task at hand it’s more frequently a necessity. Whether you’re trying to write that killer article or putting the finishing touches on that big proposal, the Google Chrome extension StayFocusd may be your answer.

Developed by Transfusion Media, the app installs an icon in the top right of your browser that basically allows you to turn off the Internet for a certain period of time so that you can get your work done.

So if you made a New Year’s resolution to be more productive, the customizable tool may be for you.

Based on your specified time period you can use StayFocusd to block or allow:

  • Entire sites (e.g.
  • Specific subdomains (e.g.
  • Specific paths (e.g.
  • Specific pages
  • Specific in-page content (e.g. embedded videos)

Of course, the system can be gamed by disabling the app when it’s on (Transfusions recommends you add their site to your block list so that you don’t) or by using another browser (which is what I found I did to finish writing this post).

But if you’re prepared with all your research to work on the thing you’ve been putting off before you turn on the app, you’ll be in a good place.

Who knows, maybe through some regular use of the app you’ll find you don’t need it anymore. But that can be next year’s resolution.

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