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Add movement to Instagram with Frametastic

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One of my foodie friends (also a Gastroposter) was telling about one of her favourite tools to visually share steps in a recipe. Frametastic is an iPhone app that is positioned as a way to not only share a moment (i.e. in one picture) but rather share a memory (i.e. in many pictures).

So whether you’re showing how a product works, sharing a private moment like an engagement or having a major reveal at an event, Frametastic could be the easiest way to tell your 15-second story to the world.

The app is free on iTunes (extra for some features) and lets you do the following:

  1. Select a basic, bonus (some free, some paid) or zany frame (all paid)
  2. Create by adding your pictures (touch to select images from your library or to take pictures, add filter effects and/or magnify images)
  3. Publish either a static image or a video to share
  4. Save it to your phone’s library or publish to Instagram
  5. Open Instagram and upload your video
  6. Add any Instagram options you want and publish

You can also watch this Frametastic video on Instagram to learn how to use the tool.

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 (Photo by The Fitness Fashionista)

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