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The Pivot: Shannon Lee Simmons

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Shannon Lee Simmons – Headshot

In this episode of The Pivot, we chat with Shannon Lee Simmons, author, personal finance expert and founder of The New School of Finance, an advice-only financial practice offering unbiased financial advice to people and small businesses.

The company stands out thanks to its playful tone and personality. Shannon and her team have perfected the use of humour and enthusiasm in their work, and it has truly resonated with their clients. Since its first year, the company has grown from one employee to eight.

When it comes to strategy for retention and new business leads, and it’s important to keep things like brand tone and personality in mind. Not only can it make a brand seem more likeable, but it can help customers retain information.

Tune in for Shannon’s insights into how she’s developed a personality for The New School of Finance and how brands should leverage their own personality to attract new audiences.

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