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The Pivot Project

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APEX PR’s and ruckus Digital’s The Pivot podcast was originally conceived two years ago to profile senior marketers who were engineering cool, mega creative and powerful pivots to how they engage consumer and business customers. The project also explored how such strategies helped lift the reputation of their brands in impressive ways. 

We did this because our CMO Lab research ( had demonstrated, to our great surprise, that most senior marketers in Canada hadn’t shifted their practice and marketing mix in years.

Well, fast forward to spring 2020, and there isn’t a brand or marketer who isn’t pivoting in fundamental and in some cases radical ways.  Some by the pure force of wanting to help prevent and alleviate suffering and sickness and many more by the brute force of survival.  If pivoting was a relatively exclusive domain prior to the coronavirus outbreak, it’s now an essential, compulsory and courageous act being implemented by all. 

And we all need inspiration in these disorienting and tragic times.  We need direction and help in how to sustain our relevance with our customers, stakeholders and employees.  We also need a helping hand in how to take 180s so as to keep the “lights on” for our businesses, our employees and communities. 

So, in that spirit and in the spirit of our legacy at the Pivot, we at APEX PR & ruckus Digital will be profiling those leaders, entrepreneurs and renegades on the podcast, on our social channels and via the media, including those leaders who are leveraging our recently launched Virtual Media Training module, to give us tangible hope and practical paths on how to thrive in the era of COVID-19.  Be well.

Kenneth Evans is managing partner at APEX PR & ruckus Digital, a 20-plus year media trainer and brand reputation specialists and the host of The Pivot.

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