Insights, CMOLabPOSTED March 12, 2020

The Pivot: Planable

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Xenia Muntean Headshot-square

In this episode of The Pivot, we chat with Xenia Muntean, Co-founder and CEO at Planable.

To connect with a brand, consumers need to buy into the message and its image. If one of these components is absent, the impact of the other is lost. The focus of all marketers should be on bringing science and art together to make quality content that will be visually stimulating while maximizing their return on investment.

A well-presented design can elicit a profoundly positive reaction from consumers. With the importance of design as a vital pillar in branding, it’s important for brands to be able to effectively organize and present their content visually before it goes live.

Tune in as Xenia and Ken discuss the launch and philosophy of U.K. based startup Planable. The online platform allows social media managers to more effectively collaborate visually to expedite the client approval process. As well, they discuss where the marketing industry is headed and the importance of an integrated strategic plan.

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