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The Pivot: Eric Matusiak, BDO

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In this episode of The Pivot, we chat with Eric Matusiak, partner and national retail leader, BDO.

A decade ago, Canada’s retail landscape revolved around the decision to invest in eCommerce, finding that fine balance between bricks and mortar and online. It has since shifted into manufacturing practices and supply chain, exemplified through the rise of “fast fashion.”

Today, we see a tension between luxury and artisanal on one side and value driven brands on the other, with the players in the middle getting increasingly squeezed out, further proving that Canada’s retail landscape is a volatile, albeit immensely fascinating sector to watch.

Tune in as Eric and Ken discuss what’s next for Canada’s retail sector, what the heavy-hitters are doing and how retailers everywhere must consider a pivot, such as integrating experiential at street level.

Have a listen to the latest episode of The Pivot here:

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