InsightsPOSTED March 17, 2022

The Pivot – Drew Neisser

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Have you ever wondered about the role of the CMO in an organization? A CMO’s role has evolved over the past two years of living in a pandemic, and it has become bigger, and more important than ever.

A CMO represents not only the brand but also its people. A brand must have a big idea that they are driving content towards and for many brands and organizations, the big brand idea had to be prepared to pivot given the circumstances.

In this episode of the Pivot, Ken is joined by Drew Neisser, CEO and Founder of Renegade, a B2B marketing agency, and CMO Huddles to discuss how the role of a CMO has changed for B2B organizations. He emphasizes what is the CMO’s role and the shift they had to make in external and internal messaging during times of crisis.

Listen in to this episode of the Pivot to learn more about the CMO and their many faces.


Drew Neisser, CEO, and Founder of Renegade and CMO Huddles

Uniquely wired as both strategist and writer, Drew has helped dozens of CMOs unleash their inner renegade and told the stories of over 450 marketers via the #2 podcast for CMOs called Renegade Thinkers Unite, a live-streaming show on LinkedIn called Renegade Thinkers Live, his CMO Spotlight column for AdAge, and his 1st book The CMO’s Periodic Table: A Renegade’s Guide to Marketing. His 2nd book, Renegade Marketing: 12 Steps to Building Unbeatable B2B Brands.

Considered among the top B2B influencers by Adobe/Marketo, Gartner, IBM, and Pega Systems, Drew has been a featured marketing expert on ABC News, CNBC, CBS Radio, and Tony Robbins’ podcast among many others. A frequent keynote speaker and moderator at industry conferences, Drew is deeply passionate about the role marketing can play to make our lives a bit better if not save the planet.

Drew and the Renegade team have won just about every award imaginable for creativity and marketing effectiveness. Among Drew’s credits, naming the Toughbook for Panasonic which he and Renegade helped grow to over a ½ billion in sales, naming and launching Case Makes, an “amazing” division of Case Paper, another award-winning Renegade client, and conceiving the HSBC BankCab, one of the most lauded and enduring guerrilla marketing programs of this century.

Hear from Canadian senior marketers on The Pivot, talking about our CMO Lab research and how they, like you, are adapting.