Insights, CMOLabPOSTED October 17, 2019

The Pivot: Brad Ross

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In this episode of The Pivot, we chat with Brad Ross, chief communications officer at the City of Toronto.

Many believe that public relations and marketing are two fundamentally different, but complementary practices. But in reality, merging the two together can build a better brand: communicators must use their power of story and persuasion across all channels to see brand reputation management as a brand building thruster, while marketers must put a greater emphasis and sensibility into risk managing their campaigns and decisions.

During his time at the TTC, Brad Ross not only managed the organization’s reputation, but played an integral role in growing the brand and earning the trust of customers. Tune in to hear Brad’s insights into reputation management during his days at the TTC and how transparency remains a key element in his current role at the city. Brad delves into the collaboration between public relations, marketing and other service departments, all while managing the city’s reputation and response to crises.

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