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The Pivot: Andrew Grenville

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Andrew Grenville

In this episode of The Pivot, we chat with Andrew Grenville, author and Chief Research Officer at Maru/Matchbox, a global insight partner with agile technology platforms with the ability to connect with consumers for on-demand insight and quality analytics.

As an agency we worked closely with Andrew and his team to uncover the research behind our CMO Lab research, a proprietary research-driven project to equip senior-level marketers with the actionable insights they need to help their organizations succeed in a disrupted environment.

With the increasing access to data, it’s no wonder insights have become the fuel for just about everything in communications and marketing. We chat with Andrew about the quality of data and how it can only be as objective as the content it’s fed, which itself could be filled with bias.

Tune in as Andrew discusses market research and how marketing and communications practitioners can connect with insights partners to take a problem solution approach to data and insights to get a diversity of data and research and influence decision marketing.

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Ken Evans is a managing partner at APEX PR & ruckus Digital. Hear from other Canadian senior marketers on The Pivot, talking about our CMO Lab research and how they, like you, are adapting.

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