InsightsPOSTED April 1, 2021

The Pivot – ABCDEI

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In this episode, Susan Diaz, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at c+p digital and Rohini Mukherji, Vice President of Integrated Communications at APEX PR join us in a conversation on marketing DEI efforts.

Some may have the perception that the “marketing” of DEI initiatives is – by default – performative… but is it? As discussed in previous episodes, marketers and communicators need to have a seat at the table, this is especially relevant when it comes to DEI efforts. How can brands effectively tap into the expertise of marketers when it comes to marketing DEI? Tune in as we discuss this and more with Susan and Rohini. 

Susan and Rohini co-host the recently-launched podcast, ABCDEI, which explores the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion through stories of distinct and powerful lived experiences.

Hear from Canadian senior marketers on The Pivot, talking about our CMO Lab research and how they, like you, are adapting.