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The Daily Beast: A beautiful read for the morning commute

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As communications professionals, our clients and colleagues (and let’s be honest, friends and family) often look to us to be au courant with all the latest news – be it world politics, the latest fashion trends, the next superfood, the cutest viral video making its rounds on the internet, or even the celebrity gaffe of the week.

It’s probably no surprise then that my daily go-to is The Daily Beast. Combining the best of world news (with a distinctly political flavour) and celebrity updates, the site has great options for quick, on-the-go reading – such as the constantly-updated Cheat Sheet – but also offers in-depth profiles for weekend/in-flight catching up.  In Editor in Chief John Avlon’s own words, the site focuses on Hollywood, politics and war because of its love for “confronting bullies, bigots and hypocrites.” And who doesn’t love a good takedown of the bad guy?

One of the reasons I gravitate to The Daily Beast is that its reporting is articulate, intelligent and reflects a strong opinion – something I have come to really appreciate with media. With the rise in citizen journalism over the past decade, we are fast moving away from an era of unbiased, neutral reporting of the news – and I think this change is a good one, when it is done in an intelligent way and backed up with facts, of course.

Apart from being simple and intuitive, the website also allows for the customization of one’s newsfeed, with intuitive suggestions based on the articles read on the site, and the ability to skip past articles that may not be of interest. This makes the site perfectly targeted to today’s millennials and Gen Y consumers. Mike Dyer, Chief Product Officer, calls this skipping mechanism the Nudge Engine — nudge as in softly signaling interest.

So whether it’s the latest in world politics, food and drink trends on the rise, or the analysis of American voters in the upcoming election, I’ll be devouring my news with a side of sharp wit, thank you very much.


Rohini Mukherji is an account director at APEX. Find out what other media outlets APEXers regularly consume

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