Q&APOSTED June 12, 2020

That’s a Vibe…She a Vibe!

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Naila 2-square

Our newest intern, Naila shares a little about herself and her journey to Public Relations!

1. Tell us about yourself.

I am the newest intern, prior to starting at Apex I completed a post-graduate program in Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations at York University. Originally from Vancouver, I moved to Toronto in 2017 for a job in the Financial Technology industry. As I acquainted myself with this city, I fell in love with it but did not anticipate the ‘character building’ I was in for. [Cue: Majid Jordan’s A Place Like This]

2. What got you into PR?

My Mom! During my grade 12 year, she always encouraged me to look into Public Relations but like a stubborn teenager, I never listened. What does she know, right? Apparently, a lot… Instead, I took a different route and realized later on, it wasn’t for me. And as the universe works, I spotted an advertisement for the postgraduate program at York University and here we are. I’m sure my mom is patiently waiting for the most satisfying ‘I told you so.’ [Cue: Donna Lewis’ I Love You Always Forever]

3. What are you most excited about this year?

Going back to school after seven years, the most valuable lesson I learned was what it truly means to ‘get out of your own way.” I gradually put aside the anxieties, doubts, ego concerns, career burdens, and critical inner voices that created space for my creativity to manifest. It is the most liberating feeling that triggered a domino effect ultimately re-vamping the views of my past, present, and future. So, what I am most excited about? Aside from kick-starting my new career, just about everything! My personal goals, my passion projects and constantly bettering myself and my relationships. [Cue: George Michael’s Freedom]

4. What is your favourite pastime?

Music! I love everything about it. I am a self-proclaimed music nerd. I spend a lot of my time reading about the music industry or listening to podcasts reviewing the newest releases, trends, creative methods, quality, and marketing. I am currently dabbling in songwriting and music composition myself. In my life, no activity is complete without a kick-ass playlist. [Cue: Shantel May’s It’s Better This Way]

5. What are your go-to sources for news, entertainment, insight?

Reddit, Google News, and YouTube are my main go-to sources for news, entertainment, and insights.

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