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Taken by Québec City

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Quebec city

Leading up to Canada Day, the APEX team is having a great Canadian scavenger hunt, exploring media markets across the country.

Exactly a week before Canada Day the province of Québec celebrates La Saint-Jean-Baptiste, also known as La fête nationale.

When I was in Québec City for the first time as a teen, I thought it was the most romantic place ever. And I still see how easy it is to fall in love with it. Or as they say about the province…

« Au Québec, vous tomberez en amour avec notre nature, avec nos traditions, avec notre folie et surtout avec nos gens ! »

Québec,  (33,200 followers)

1. Population

2. Mayor

3. 3 interesting facts

  • There’s a chocolate museum in the city.
  • “Québec” comes from “Kébèk” in Algonquin, meaning narrow passage like where the waterway narrows in the spot where Samuel de Champlain is said to have founded Québec.
  • Canadians pronounce Québec a number of different ways, as I found out in a recent national survey. “Kay – beck” is the French pronunciation of Québec (listen via Wikipedia).

The Google Consumer Survey (English only) ran May 23-25, 2015 and has a Root Mean Square Error of 5.4%.

4. Rivalries

5. Known for

6. 5 local bloggers

7. 5 local hashtags

Tip: In France a hashtag is called a mot-dièse, but l’Office québécois de la langue française prefers mot-clic.

8. 3 upcoming events

9. Go-to source for anything local

10. 3 magazines

11. 3 media personalities 

12. Dailies

13. Local TV

14. Up to 10 radio stations

Diane Bégin is an account director at APEX. Her ancestral roots are across the province of Québec so she regularly finds reasons to visit. See where else we go in our great Canadian scavenger hunt

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