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Sign up for boot camp to push your limits

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SWAT boot camp

How do you get your daily dose of physical activity? Going to the gym, lifting weights, running a 10K, or practicing tai chi?

For me, my workouts are based on one fundamental: yoga. I practice five times a week at Power Yoga Canada and can’t get enough. I’m not a big gym guru, and I can’t remember the last time I lifted a dumbbell. It’s just not my thing!

When asked what I would do for our Push Yourself blog challenge, I was stumped. Do I participate in an acting class? Do I do the CN Tower EdgeWalk? Then I thought about what truly inspires me and how I can seek additional inspiration from another source.

To kick off May, I signed up for a six week boot camp class at SWAT. This type of training and “working out” is definitely out of my comfort zone.  Like I said, I’m a complete yogi. I value my “me” time on my yoga mat.

What will I get out of this boot camp, you ask?

1. Motivation

Boot camp is very different than any other group activity. You need to motivate yourself to keep going — even when you feel like giving up. You also need to motivate others in your group to push through the pain. Although it’s about you and your physical health, it’s also a team effort to complete the boot camp series together. Don’t leave a man behind!

SWAT Fitness

2. Challenge

Challenging yourself with something unfamiliar and out of your comfort zone will help you grow as a person. Challenge yourself each day, whether in a new workout class, puzzle or cooking class.

3. Accomplishment

I’m a big believer in that whatever you start, you must finish. And you must finish well. If you put your mind to something and you give it 110 per cent, you will thank yourself later.

Check in with Caroline Dunnet in six weeks to see how she feels after completing her boot camp series. 

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