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RSA Canada Gets Personal: Case Study in B2B Communications

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RSA Canada –  a long-time client of APEX –  and one of Canada’s leading property and casualty insurers, has always kept the broker channel at the core of the company’s business growth. With a strong belief in the role of the broker as the trusted advisor to customers, RSA sees its role as helping the broker channel evolve and adapt to changing consumer preferences and the market.

In turn, broker feedback has helped shape the company’s business growth and innovation strategy. In 2016, RSA promoted the over 100 changes – small and large – the company made to its personal lines of business since 2014 as part of the ‘Take a Look at us Now’ campaign, based on input from its broker partner network.

As a follow up to these changes, RSA needed to find a way to drive awareness and preference for its products, services and geographies with key competitiveness in the Canadian market. The key to success was in providing resources to help brokers educate their customers on RSA’s competitive advantage and Personal Insurance products suited to their individual lifestyles. In fact, the goal of the campaign, titled RSA Gets Personal, was to demonstrate to the customers of brokers how RSA’s suite of products was perfectly suited to keeping them protected at every life stage.

While insurance is most often a topic of discussion in times of strife, RSA wanted to help brokers get ahead of those situations and proactively demonstrate the value of having the right coverage in place –no matter what stage of life they are currently in.

This resulted in the development of a five-part video series – hosted on RSA’s broker website, and shared via LinkedIn and directly with RSA’s broker network – that follows the story of fictitious customers Mark and Sarah as they grow in their personal and professional lives. With each new stage of life, their insurance needs change too – and having a personal relationship with a broker ensures that they are equipped for whatever life throws at them. The campaign allows brokers to have the tools at hand to better serve their customers and ensure their personal property and belongings are well-protected from starter condo to dream home to retirement.

Click here to see the first slice of Mark and Sarah’s journey, and continue to follow along for more episodes.


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