APEX SpotlightPOSTED May 24, 2016

5 quick Qs with ruckus maker Dimitri Bariamis

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This month the APEX and ruckus teams are digging up what makes their colleagues tick. Dimitri is first up for the ruckus crew. Here’s what he has to say on social media trends, finding inspiration and Norm Kelly.

1. What excites you about social media?

What’s really exciting to me is that it’s constantly evolving – whether it’s how certain demographics are communicating, or how to find solutions for an ever-changing landscape. At its core social media is story-telling, and it has dramatically impacted the way we’re telling and sharing stories with every tweet, post, snap.

2. What brand or public figure is killing it on social media?

A municipal politician in their mid-70s that has nearly 300,000 followers on Twitter and more than 20,000 on Instagram? Norm Kelly’s style is perfect for the medium – irreverent, but genuine, his feeds mirror the pride that Torontonians feel. Whether it’s going after a rapper that’s starting beef with Drake, his impassioned support of local sports teams, or just a pic of a non-winning ‘Roll up the Rim’ cup, his commentary captures the zeitgeist of the city.

3. Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere! But I think the one thing I try to do is connect and disconnect. It’s easy to connect at ruckus – whether it’s a scheduled brainstorm or a just asking a question aloud in the office, I’m always asking and listening. Thanks to our team’s creativity, diverse backgrounds, and lateral thinking I’m always able to find a new perspective. But sometimes it’s just as important to disconnect – throw on headphones and go for a stroll in a neighbourhood, to the gym and hit the heavy bag, or check out a band or one of the city’s galleries.

4. What trend should others watch?

VR is something I’m really intrigued by. Social platforms are making huge efforts to expand their live video capabilities and functionality – I think augmented and virtual reality is the next step in that evolution. User adoption has limitless possibilities – why just talk to a friend in a different country, when you may be able to go to a café with them.

5. What is a favourite memory from your career?

I’ve been super fortunate to work with amazing people on some really great projects – to pick just one would be too difficult. As cliché as it might sound, I think my favourite is the next one. And I can’t wait.

These questions were compiled by senior digital strategist Moe Arora. Who’s your favourite brand on social? Let us know on Twitter.

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