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#prwin: Press kits done right

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Levis press kit

A press kit, media drop, or media mailer if you will, has been (and still is) a powerful, and in my humble opinion, an undervalued PR tool.

With the digital world taking over/reshaping some of the more conventional PR tools (Is the press releases dead?), many communicators are choosing to forego traditional vehicles for digital ones.

While I’m all for saving the environment, reducing waste and keeping up with the times, I have no hesitation in arguing (and proving) that physical press kits are still alive and highly effective – when done right!

If you don’t believe me take a look for yourself.

What is a press kit?

A press kit is essentially a collection of vital information that makes it easier for media to tell your story accurately and with full details.

We recently sent out a press kit for our favourite iconic, denim brand, Levi’s, and without sounding too biased, it was a big hit (see below some of our journalist friends that agree).

But of course, we knew it would be. It had all the right ingredients to stand out from the crowd and deliver the brand’s message in a unique, interactive and compelling way.

Standing out is harder than it sounds, especially with recent reports of 4 PR professionals for every journalist in Canada.

So what are the right ingredients, you ask?

An out-of-the-box idea

Make it creative, unique and unexpected. Again, it needs to cut through the thousands of packages and boxes that journalists are sent, day in and day out. “Big,” in this case, doesn’t mean better.

Concentrate less on the packaging and more on what the actual idea/concept is.

It’s a bonus if is actually useful; it’ll increase the chance of it being used time and time again, plus it’ll reinforce your brand each time it is used.

Relevant information

The main purpose of a press kit is to communicate vital information about your brand in an easily digestible format.

We included a small note card with only the most important information – what, where, when and why.

This will make it easy for journalists to pull out information they actually need, instead of having to comb through pages and pages of information (which, trust me, they won’t do!)


An out-of-the-box idea doesn’t mean abandoning brand guidelines. The Levi’s festival trend theme and feel was communicated through a viewfinder with reels with images from the spring look book.

The viewfinder reels were subtly branded, as was the information that accompanied the package all within the same tone, look and feel as the spring collection. All on-brand but not overly branded.


What’s more interactive than a viewfinder? It was a fun way to display the festival trend images requiring editors to get interactive with the package and ultimately communicated the Levi’s message in a compelling way.

The nature of the package also ensured journalists took the time to look through the images and in turn engage with the information. This is what every PR pro dreams of!


This is undisputedly the most important step of all, and a no-brainer. We sent these kits out just as spring was just around the corner.

As with everything in PR it needs to be timely – otherwise, it will end up in the garbage. We made sure to check editor’s timelines and lead times before sending out the packages.

There’s nothing worse than sending a package to an editor only to receive an email back saying “Our June issue closed two weeks ago“ #prfail.



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Susie Nick is our fashion-forward Consultant.  Follow her on Twitter.

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