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Professional daring leads to greater client satisfaction

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Push Yourself blog challenge

I’m no Evel Knievel, but like all professions — and PR is no exception — there is a danger of getting too comfortable in what you do for your clients. You know what they expect of you and what you think will make them happy and that you just need to keep doing that exact “thing” to attract or retain clients, right? Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding “no.”

Working in an agency means constant growth, and if you want to be of value to your clients you must push yourself. We decided in the spirit of continuous learning that we would dedicate our May APEX blog posts to the theme of Push Yourself.

I see a lot of upside to having an agency that pushes itself for a few reasons:

1. See your fear and one-up it!

Trying something and failing is a good thing! If we don’t try new things because we are afraid if it not working out, then life is going to be pretty boring. Evel kept on jumping even when he didn’t always make it over all of those cars!

2. Ch-ch-changes

An agency that pushes itself is in a better position to deal with the inevitable changes that are coming and is not tied to “we always do it that way” thinking. Life changes. Deal with it.

3. Ability to continue to push and transform

Once you get used to pushing yourself in a big or small way, you have changed your mindset, and it doesn’t become as difficult to adapt yourself and look for new growth opportunities both personally and professionally.

4. Blue sky

What client doesn’t want an agency that is constantly thinking about their business and looking for strategically creative ways to connect and engage with their customers? Daring to push yourself helps with brainstorming and harnessing your creativity for the greater good.

So what’s my “dare”?

I just went to an event called Girls Raising at Bitmaker Labs, and that got me really interested in coding and the entrepreneurial side of technology. I’m no tech wiz, but I think this will be a great opportunity to push me out of my comfort zone and re-wire my brain with some different thinking. I’m not going to be revamping APEXs website any time soon, but I think I’ll be able to come at client problems with some new solutions that I might not have thought of before.

Watch here and follow @APEXPR for some more great “dares” that the other APEXers will come up with.

Linda Andross is the president of APEX Public Relations. Follow her on Twitter.

Want to see examples of other ways we’ve pushed ourselves? Check out our client work.


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