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PR is about two-way communication

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We’re exploring the best communication advice ever, including a guest blog post from a friend of APEX.

I credit Humber professor Scott Langdon with connecting me to the “advice” that has most significantly shaped the way I practice communications.

The advice came by way of Scott from the noted communications theorist James Grunig, and colleagues.

It was the use of Grunig’s two-way symmetrical model of communications, from Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management, that focuses on mutually beneficial relationships as the crucial currency of our practice.

“Uses communication to negotiate with the public, resolve conflict and promote mutual understanding and respect between the organization and its stakeholders” from characteristics of the two-way symmetrical model on Wikipedia

The concept of mutual benefit has countless applications including in media relations, customer service, advocacy, marketing and so on.

Professor Langdon showed me these applications in his public affairs class where he laid the foundation for what would become my approach to crisis communications; a constant application in my current role supporting clients at Peel Public Health.

The arguments for a mutual benefit-driven relationship building philosophy have only been strengthened in the age of digital communications and content marketing.

Now more than ever do audiences expect value from their interactions with organizations, and creating and delivering that value is a critical role of the modern communications professional.

It all comes down to relationships and the belief that a little give and take goes a long way.

Scott Fry
Scott Fry is a communications specialist (Office of the Medical Officer of Health) at Peel Public Health. Follow him on Twitter @ScottFry.

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