InsightsPOSTED March 2, 2018

PR and Publishing – How they relate!

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Magazines stacked on each other

Creative writing happens a lot of the time when you’re a publisher, but it also happens when you work in public relations. Both professions want to persuade people, and to have them believe that the idea or story.

Terry Fallis, an award-winning Canadian author and co-founder of a communication and digital agency has been in both fields and weighed in on the similarities of the professions at a recent IABC Toronto Event.

Storytelling is key

Terry began by saying when it comes to being a part of PR or publishing, you have to be able to tell a story – then, it’s important that the reader or viewer believe that story.

The reason why Terry explained, “stories stay in the brain and are better remembered.”

Then, you need to hold their attention

Similar to how you need to hold someone’s attention when writing a book or they stop reading, a campaign needs to grab attention immediately or it becomes irrelevant.

Terry went on to say, this is where you must persuade and make them believe your story.

Both publishers and PR practitioners must also present or pitch to clients. This is another way of storytelling, but if you are unable to hold their attention, the story no longer matters.

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