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5 tips to take your PR brainstorms to the next level

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I don’t know about you, but PR brainstorms excite me. What will be discussed? What do I need to read in advance? Most importantly, will there be snacks? Here are five tips to make your next PR brainstorm a success.

1. Set the scene

When collaborating on a new program, product launch, or rebrand, it’s important that your creative minds have a creative space to play. Host a brainstorm in an open-concept space instead of the boardroom, where your employees may feel uninspired, tired, or creatively limited. It’s essential to get ideas flowing in an open space, rather than a confined one.

2. Kickstart it

Unsure how to kickstart the discussion? Give your employees pieces of paper with one word, phrase, or question, and tell them to go nuts and scribble down whatever pops into their heads. For example, if you’re brainstorming about how to launch the newest lipstick, give your employees questions on the target demographic, competitors, or seasonal trends.

3. Never shun

If you’re that person who’s itching to say something in a brainstorm, say it. We’re here to learn, be creative, and thrive. Typically one idea will lead to another, and another, and another, and the final thought will be a collaboration of everyone’s ideas in one big snowball. Bottom line: no idea is a bad idea.

4. Take notes

Don’t forget to bring your notebook! Write as many thoughts and ideas down during the discussion as you can, as they may spark a new idea later on. Sometimes numerous brainstorms are required in order to come up with the best idea.

5. Nobody likes to be hangry

Snacks. Need I say more? Feed your team to get their creative juices flowing. Smarties and a glass of vino are personal favourites, but I’m not judging if you opt for a “healthier” alternative.

Caroline Dunnet is always a good person to have in a brainstorm.  Follow her on Twitter.

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