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#ThePivot Season 7 Greatest Hits with Ken Evans, Jacob Robinson and Jelena Lazarević

From inclusion in sport and out-of-home advertising to AI disruption and crisis communication, have a listen to our fun wrap up of the season, where Pivot producers Jacob and Jelena chat with Ken to reflect on salient moments from the season and what they mean for marketers everywhere.

We also explore: Navigating the landscape of reputation management and the importance of authenticity along with a preview of season eight.

Listen here:

Host and Producer Bios

Ken (Host)

A 24-year senior corporate communications strategist and communications trainer to some of the globe’s top brands, Kenneth has carved out a reputation for cultivating compelling brand narratives that protect and advance corporate reputations.

In his capacity as a communications strategist, Kenneth has collaborated closely with corporate executives in cultivating brand positions that establish genuine industry differentiation. Through his proprietary strategic narrative module, Kenneth has helped brands such as BMO Financial Group, UPS Canada, Google Canada, RE/MAX, Coca-Cola, RSA Insurance and RBC among many others implement new corporate strategies that engage and provoke a diversity of stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners, the media and social media, at a level that drives business development goals.

Jelena (Producer)

Whether it’s telling stories through the lens, developing strategic communications plans, or bringing creative flair to content, Jelena has spent the last 8 years helping organizations engage with humans. Where she goes, she brings cross-sector experience, a range of skills, and great initiative.

As a graduate of the Master of Professional Communication program at Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson), she continues to use her skills to help organizations and humans find common ground. She’s managed teams, honed her understanding of creative direction and production, and spent nearly 5 years putting her ideas into action in the non-profit sector. Now, Jelena is on the ground leading digital strategy for a variety of B2B and B2C brands. She’s worked on DoorDash Canada, Walmart Rewards MasterCard, Husqvarna, RE/MAX, Levi’s Canada, Project 8, Charity Intelligence, WeightWatchers, Citron, MoveSnap, and Ubisoft.  

Jacob (Producer)

An avid problem-solver and integrator of lessons, Jacob loves to elevate the teams and organizations he is a part of. An agilist with a curious mind and versatile skill set, you’ll always find him working on a new project, be it a podcast production (for the Pivot, or his own podcast), leadership event or brainstorming session.

Through a strategic mix of Kaizen, Ikagai and Shuhari, Jacob brings his best to personal and professional life. When not working on the above you can find him playing board games or at a Toastmasters club.

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