Insights, OpinionPOSTED March 6, 2020

“Peel the Onion”

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My colleagues will roll their eyes when they read this, as I deploy this phrase ad nauseum.  But the premise of it is so darn important and relevant in communications as it implies a discipline across strategic planning, editorial content and internal communications.

To “peel the onion” on strategic planning means that you’ve worked, reworked, tested and reworked again a concept that now stands up to critique and scrutiny with substance

I say this in media training often: “to be specific in media interviews is empowering, while being general or generic is numbing.” You owe it to your brand story, to yourself as an area expert and to the reporters who profile you to truly “nerd out” on a subject, so “peel the damn onion” already.

Internal communications:
Similar to the above, clarity and purpose in internal and interpersonal communications rest on being as specific as possible using timely and relevant examples or scenarios.  To do otherwise, is failing in helping team mates and colleagues connect the necessary dots. So, to “peel the onion” is a discipline that yields great strategic insights while also showing genuine respect for the people, reporters and clients we communicate with every day.

Kenneth Evans
 is a Managing Partner of Apex PR

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