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Patience never goes out of style

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“Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” – Joyce Meyer

In an age of instant gratification, a work environment that moves at the speed of light, and an always-on mindset, the virtue of patience seems an unlikely ally.

But let’s get real. Patience can make or break you.

When your computer freezes for the first 40 minutes of the work day, your choices are to completely flip out – or breathe deeply and take advantage of some unconnected time.

Then thank the person who fixed it for you.

Embracing patience will bring peace to your life. Not only will it give the impression to others that you’re cool as a cucumber – you actually will be in control.

The truth is you can’t control people and circumstances around you. You can only control your response; and to master this, patience trumps all.

Here are a few examples where patience can really come in handy:

Technology: It freezes, disconnects, breaks, and utterly confuses you. We’re at a stage in society where we are kind of living in the cool future we envisioned as kids, but not quite. For example, many airports now have automated passport control systems, yet you still have to follow up with a visit to a custom’s officer. What’s up with that?

Career: As much as we Millennials (or on-the-fence Gen-Xers) want big jobs, big titles, big pay, and big lifestyles…RIGHT NOW, an element of patience is still required. Professional judgement, skill, expertise, and business acumen all come with time and experience. Don’t let this stop you from taking bold, ambitious risks early in your career, just remember that some things do take time.

Other people: We all have unique personalities, work at a different pace, and sometimes hold conflicting values. Patience is a sure-fire way to build strong personal and business relationships with others. Give them your time, help them learn, and be gracious with your patience. I guarantee that those people will return the favour when you need it…and you will need it.

Learning: If you can’t incorporate patience into your personal and work life, it’s going to be pretty damn hard for you to learn anything outside of your comfort zone. The PR industry is changing rapidly before our very eyes. To keep up and provide value to your organization or to your clients, you need to invest the time to learn new things. What better way to tackle the learning curve then to be patient with yourself?

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Merissa King is an account manager. Message APEX PR if you need a team of calm, collected and patient individuals to help with your next communications initiative.

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