News, Insights, Q&APOSTED January 29, 2020

Not so Shy Cheyenne

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Cheyenne Fritas is our newest consultant at Apex PR! She is a Seneca PR graduate and recently spent more than a year at The Publicist Group.

1. How has your past work or volunteer experience helped you in your current position?

“Coming from a small boutique agency allowed me to wear many hats and learn how to quickly pivot from one role to the next, which is always helpful in the fast-moving world of PR – at any point in time, I could’ve been doing the work of an intern, coordinator, or manager, which has served me well when it comes to knowing how to hustle when need be.”

2. What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?

“Professionally, I’m passionate about creating real results for my clients in whatever capacity that exists for them; there is no better feeling than knowing your efforts are playing a large part in surpassing whatever KPIs the client has and truly making a positive difference in their brand. Personally, music will always be my first love – being able to experience my favourite artist perform live is something indescribable to me.” 

3. What moment or accomplishment in your career are you most proud of?

“Successfully executing a three-day pop-up event for two clients that garnered unprecedented results for both brands, all while working with what could be called a ‘modest’ budget and a small (but nimble) team. Seeing everyone step up and work tirelessly together to create an amazing experience for both the client and consumers was beyond rewarding.”

4. Is there something you hope to achieve while at Apex?

“Continuing to strengthen my media relations and presentation skills, learning more about the respective industries of my accounts, and taking a more active role in establishing a strategy for my clients.”

5. Three interesting facts about yourself.

“A. Ray Liotta once called me from the airport.
B. Music is a huge passion of mine and I’ve worked with Grammy and JUNO-nominated artists from both a publicity and management perspective.
C. I spent a month backpacking across Japan and made it as far as Hiroshima, which is probably one of the eeriest places I’ve ever visited.”

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