Insights, APEX SpotlightPOSTED October 28, 2019

My Take: On Inclusivity of LGBTQ2S+ in Today’s Workplace

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Kenneth Evans

My Take: On Inclusivity of LGBTQ2S+ in Today’s Workplace

Through my years in the workforce I have seen a great shift toward inclusivity with the diverse LGBTQ2S+ community. However, organizations seem to approach their policy’s and culture with more of an outward facing lens centred more on the LGB parts of the community than the TQ2S+. Very few realize what genuine inclusiveness looks like and that’s the issue.

With education and a real understanding of why inclusion is beneficial for organizations culturally and operationally, brands can enact the real change that has been long over due.

In my latest article in the fall 2019 edition of IABC’s Communicator, I highlight my thoughts on the subject of Inclusivity and what steps we can all take to be a better ally to the broader LGBTQ2S+ community.

Kenneth Evans is a Managing Partner at APEX Public Relations. He acts as the in-house communications and media trainer, as well as the agency’s corporate lead. Also, read Vice President Rohini Mukerji’s honest take on the state of diversity and inclusion in Canadian workplaces in IABC’s Communicator.