Insights, APEX SpotlightPOSTED October 25, 2019

My Take: Canadian Workplaces Are Diverse But Not Inclusive

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By: Rohini Mukherji

The business case for diversity has arguably never been stronger than today – be that diversity in talent, backgrounds, skill sets or gender representation.

However, while corporations of all sizes are actively building recruitment plans to create greater diversity within the organization, I don’t believe they aren’t doing as well on building inclusivity into those plans. On a larger scale, diversity has also been a key issue of discussion and contention in what has been collectively declared one of the dirtiest federal elections in recent times.

I have never been shy about a good rant, so here’s my latest one in the fall 2019 edition of IABC’s Communicator, on the state of the nation when it comes to inclusion in the workplace. We, as communicators, have a critical role to play in making our industry – and country – more genuinely inclusive.

Rohini Mukherji is a vice president at APEX Public Relations. She is equally proud of her Canadian passport as she is her hometown of Muscat, Oman. Also, read managing partner Ken Evans’ take on diversity and inclusion for the trans and non-binary side of the LGBTQ2+ equation in IABC’s Communicator.