InsightsPOSTED December 9, 2015

My favourite technology: Twitter

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This December APEXers are writing about their favourite technology.  Saying that it’s the scan function on the printer would make me look weird, so I thought I’d go with my next fav tech which is Twitter.

I am not an earlier adopter and thus cannot claim to be one of the OT “original tweeters” but once I figured out my strategy of how I was going to use this technology, I spread my wings and never looked back!

A few reasons why I love Twitter:

  1. Simplicity – Like most people I have a really busy schedule and I love that I can get on and have a quick read of a number of widely different subjects.
  2. News networks – I want to know what is going on in the world and I find Twitter seems to be the best at giving me updates of what’s going on in the world of news (@TMZ is news right?).
  3. My industry – As the managing partner of a PR agency I need to know what is going on within my industry. Be it what’s happening with my friendly competitors, on the media front – who is covering what, moving where or looking for what.
  4. Recommendations – Not the ones suggested by Twitter (but I appreciate it Twitter I really do!) but the ones I get from all my Twitter “friends.” You know who you are.  You out there who quickly answers my queries when I need a new restaurant, location or even great staff!
  5. And finally, time relevant – What is happening right now. It sort of sums up some of the above points but knowing what is going on right now and being a part of it and that community is really why I love twitter. ‘nuff said.



Linda Andross is a managing partner at APEX. Want to learn how we can make your brand soar in the world of Twitter? Get in touch with us!

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