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Must reads: NYT + TMZ

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There are actually two media outlets that I read each day that really highlight the Gemini (known to have two different sides of personality) in me– The New York Times and TMZ.

Working in PR you need to know what is going on in the world – not just the one you operate in but also the bigger picture because that can impact your business or your clients’ businesses.

We also need to stay on top of trends, what or who might be influencing consumers and how your clients can capitalize on that or learn from what might not have worked so well (lots of lessons to be learned in the media each day folks).

The New York Times is my all-time fave newspaper!  My preference is a print version of the newspaper versus reading it online, but I take what I can get.  The NY Times is what newspapers used to be like when I was “younger” – lots of sections from arts, style, sports, opinion, business and  news from all over the world.  You get insightful articles on key issues, in-depth pieces on people who are making things happen (Trump or Clinton) and investigative pieces that we see less and less of unfortunately as newspapers get smaller and combine resources.

On the flip side, I do have to admit I read TMZ every day because I need to stay in the loop with what is going in the wild world of entertainment. “News” can mean different things to different people and entertainment is still news, especially if you have clients that leverage celebrity endorsements. They look to APEX to make sure we have our ear to the ground of what is going on in the media world from hard core news through to the lifestyle-focused media. As the media pool shrinks we need to stay on top of who is covering what beat, what stories will resonate and how we get our clients exposure with key targeted media that reach their targets. That helps justify me reading TMZ each day. (I hope.)

Linda Andross is a managing partner at APEX/ruckus digital. Find out what other media outlets APEXers regularly consume

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