Media SpotlightPOSTED May 19, 2016

HuffPost Style’s Monika Markovinovic on fashion surprises & disruptors

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Fashion trends are no longer controlled by what’s seen on a celebrity with the presence of social media and the influential ‘It’ girls who are dominating the scene (or at least not to the same degree).

HuffPost Style understands the rapid speed of fashion and beauty, and is the number one source for celebrity style, fashion and beauty news and trends for any fearless fashionista.

I had the opportunity to gain some insight from HuffPost Style Canada’s Associate Style Editor, Monika Markovinovic on where she sees the industry moving and the areas in which she finds inspiration.

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1. What is the biggest surprise/change you’ve seen in the fashion and beauty industry over the past year?

This past year, we’ve seen the rise of the ‘It’ girl — the social media supermodels and the jet-setting fashion bloggers. Since what feels like the dawn of time, we’ve turned to actresses, pop stars and other notable celebrities to lead the way when it came to demonstrating hot trends off the runway. Now, all we have to do is open our Instagram or Snapchat apps and we’re able to see these influential bloggers and fashionistas, from all parts of the world, interpreting trends in the coolest and freshest ways. It’s no wonder so many big name bloggers like Kristina Bazan and Chiara Ferragni are beginning to be named the face of brands and are breaking into the design world.

2. Do you see any disruptors or game changers in your industry? And if so why are they so important to the progression of this industry?

The disruptor in fashion and beauty is not a person, it’s a network. Social media has changed the way we take in fashion and how we present it. The social media supermodel has been the most vital influencer in fashion these past few years. We’re talking Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin. With an army of diehard followers on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook, these girls have the power and beauty to make a statement, and have everyone notice. Brands are constantly after these models to become the face of their clothing lines and beauty products. It’s a very strategic move that can lead to high sales and high-profile publicity.

In terms of making a cultural statement that’s incredibly important to the progression of the industry, the game changers are diverse models. Fashion is still a very exclusive and elite market, but we’ve been seeing a little bit more diversity entering the market. “Size sexy” models like Ashley Graham have opened the doors for many plus size models in industry and have taught many that you don’t have to be a particular size to create something beautiful. We’re seeing transgender models hit the runway and more races represented across different sectors of the industry. However, we still have a long way to go to get to where fashion should be in terms of diversity. Every step is a process.

3. What influencers/individuals do you follow for inspiration?

I think to have a love for fashion and style, you need to go back to the basics and find inspiration outside the individual. I find my inspiration in coffee shops, art galleries, music, poetry and of course, travelling. When you open up your world to the little enjoyments of life, this is where you end up finding yourself and the things you love.

Since I was 18, Tumblr has been a big source of inspiration for me. I love images, visual culture and a network of bold individuals. On the daily, my go-to source for inspiration is Instagram, of course.  Sure, I follow a wide range of fashion and beauty bloggers (a few of my favs being Negin Mirsalehi, Sara Donaldson and Jordi), but I’m most fascinated by creative types like Jasmine Dowling and Tara Milk Tea. They’re constantly producing stunning images and it’s like candy for my eyes!

4. Do you see any major trends approaching in the fashion and beauty world that might surprise others?

During Coachella, Taylor Swift declared the flower crown dead. In its place? The choker. Say hello to the revival of the ’90s! Plaid, high-waisted denim, crop tops, slip dresses, deep brown lipsticks and vintage dungarees are all back. Think of this sort of Brit Pop grunge that Rachel Green from “Friends” channeled every once in a while. I love this trend for how effortless it is. Not too much thought has to go into it and it gives people this feeling of rebellion. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like a badass in the clothes they wear?!

I’m also a huge fan of the edgy athleisure wear trend coming out of Scandinavia — fit-to-perfection athletic trousers, crisp white sneakers and the chicest take on the hoodie. The cool-as-hell Swedish girl is who I will be channeling this summer! Yes people, you CAN wear sweatpants and still look chic and put together.

These questions were compiled by account coordinator Cole Douglas. Where do you find fashion and beauty inspiration? Let us know on Twitter

Feature image from Taylor Swift's Instagram.